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After shattering our hearts for so long

Now that the war is over!

 There is peace to be made…


Rising slowly, from the bottom of our hearts

 Since the explosives have just ended,

 After shattering our hearts for so long.

Now, friendship is surrounding the horizons

 There is peace to be made…


Serenity colors our peaceful horizons, just now when the war is over…

We cherish peace from the depths of our hearts now…

There is peace to be made…


There is peace to be made now,        that the war is over.

Now that happiness can be found at spring of waterfalls, with the peace

 At the meadows Bellow Mountains, there is peace to be made now…

After explosives piercing the soul at our inner ears,

Peace is sung by our inner voices

After seeing all the selfish violence,

 There is peace to be made now…

Nonaggression is the sweetness of the kissing awareness rising from our lips…

Peace bounces rising in response to mental cruelty,

 Let peace to be made…

It is spring 1988 the war is over

save dreamers dreams


Avoiding the voids

save dreamers dreams 

To save dreamers dreams, is such a high peak for me, to reach!

The realization doesn't let compassion, to let me go astray.

Becoming a humanizing savior, instead of falling into the voids urged me,

Anguish pressed, yet hope kept me alight…

Perhaps anguish would finally spend me out!
Before reaching an "other"once again

Always craving for faith… through love

Or tempted by love energy, to empower me, for taking the next step.
Just one more step to a little warmth

Even though much love has left me cold 

 Without any more wood to keep us lit

The ancient nights were colder,

Yet lovers of life energy did keep 

The joys a-light for us

To realize their dreams!

I bow to them all.....



Natural robots are contradictions in terms

It is a false value used as a two edged sword

Even if you held it at heart


Lost Anger

Now that I understand my confusions by

 Recognizing my optimism from the lies webbing traps which surrounded me…

 I no longer suffer and it feels like a fantastic liberation!


Subconscious surges

Longing lasted so long that patience was sabotaged

Satisfactions and fulfillment seemed so far that

Delusions formed by Deterioration s were followed by delusions


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