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Lost Anger

Now that I understand my confusions by

 Recognizing my optimism from the lies webbing traps which surrounded me…

 I no longer suffer and it feels like a fantastic liberation!

Now I understand that they needed to defy their suffocating realities

They behaved according to their internal realities made by their dreams and wishes not victorious contentions that appeared to be deceptions and pretenses to me

No shame?

Feeling people’s sufferings has made me understand their motives for all that

Appeared to be such   hypocrisies to me.

In comparisons to their double standards, the governing double standard, of the dominant powers in the world, are far more deceptive. When one dares to examine their invitation to partake in their huge games of common interest that is actually serving their self interests at the expense of their followers interests.

All that was posed as a common interest, when they came after the promise; paving the paths that their power schemes has laid upon the appearances of realities, which they recognized better as hunters seeking for preys to victimize the idiots who trusted   love and shared humanity compassionately.

They needed more forces to build their power means and camps. They needed

More asses to pull their carts to their destinations. So they used those who came to pay them respect and express their love: as donkeys who could carry their loads for their selfish interests! So, naively as stupid idiots who believed in love humanity and trust or inner faith for goodness?

Idiosyncrasies that wasted the time of those who built shrines for 

The chain of opportunities to regenerate beyond their life times and let 

Their way to be imprinted upon the paths of destinies .Thus claim immortality to strap the phantasm of evolution….