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You have asked me to describe what is the content of the concept of SELF Love?

Fifi and Abush at Puerto Banus, Spain - July 2016

Fifi and Abush at Puerto Banus, Spain - July 2016

You told me to write down what I told you over the mobile lines. So, I shall try to describe it in a colloquial way rather than a scientific way per se.

You know that I have been a pupil of Prof. Modjtaba Sadria, who has been a student and a client of the 1965-85 Parisian professors :the famous post modern  Psychoanalysts  after interpretative philosophy changers1968-80:  Michael Foucault, De luze, Gathtary  & Bordieu. So  here I am  braisly sharing their avenues or  perspectives here.

The first and the foremost base of their teachings is the Wantingto change oneself.

The wanting is the most perplexing boat ride by all of their teachings to me:

 Recognizing the sub conscious core intentions; versus the authoritarian mental dictatorship of

 Our own inner dialogue that is a flux, in the stream of consciousness.

Change is also considered dynamically  central to the fragmented existence of the self individuation process. They consider the human existence as a fragmented entity.  Multiple,  rather than a singular  monotone dictating voice…

The mind acts like a political social dictator. The realization of the dictatorship of our own minds is challenging the intelligence of the heart, which  is pivotal to the journey of processing the self for making changes towards   the purpose of self love.

Awareness is  a  quality type of energy which brings together, the fragmented existence, for the sake of living with the truth of one’s individual self . The unique self! With all of one’s particularities?  That becomes realized as we go through the journey of life, for individuation. Developing along with self realization: for the purpose of making inner capacities for changing. Changing is a continuous phenomenon that could get intertwined with self improvement.

Self Improvement, in turn happens as the result of awareness by  taking small quality steps striding towards excellence.

The paradox of accepting ones faults and mistakes, while searching for excellence means  wanting to move on from: being to becoming.

Not punishing ourselves, by evading or neglecting or ignoring  an  awareness of what had actually went wrong?  But rather, by accepting that as human beings we are all fallible!? Instead of mental productions or garbage ; to realize we are existing as embodied  human beings. We do  make mistakes is that is characteristic of all human beings..

The human being high expectations from the self, entails the dilemma; because that often appears to somehow unleash the forceful tendencies towards SELF Destructiveness. Maybe greed is the motor behind self destructive tendencies. We could become aware of our own specific vulnerabilities.

Self destructive dynamics are rather complex egotistically inter played. The ego trip masks the truths of ones existential trinity of the: Body Heart Mind.

Then the chain effects: trigger the subconscious pattern of self punishment. The Alter ego interplays with the self: that is on one hand, demanding the self to behave faultlessly; under the illusion of faultless Perfection. On the other hand that is inhuman! The Human being is prone to making faulty mistakes...None of us live faultlessly we all make mistakes. So let go of the inner pressures!  We are never perfect! Perfection is only conceptual, a mind over matter illusion governed by the insistent mental dictatorship.

 How are we going to deal with these dilemmas?

While we are searching for the miraculous perfection we get blinded! Because the self realization of our mistakes and faults requires courage, self discipline and self love.

 Often we do not have the emotional capacity to see realities with 20/20 vision sharp and stark. Rather than living with the truth of our existence; we tend to fall for wishful thinking projections, and transferences. These mental mechanisms are typical of the dictatorship of the mind instead of the intelligence of the heart.

If we could have differentiated the games our minds play, with our intelligence of the heart! Then Self Love would have been directly available. However we often have to process the content of our being before accessing the wealth of our self love.

Selfishness masks self love, while they are directly opposite contradicting one another. Selfishness characteristically incorporates patterns of power plays with the aim of domination and intimidation.

We cannot love others, unless we would be able to love ourselves?

 Since, love is a fantastic energy, it is different to mental productions. The sincerity, the authenticity of self love, allows us to see ourselves in the mirrors of love: Wonderful, Insightfully, multidimensional etc.

Selfishness blinds us towards our own behavior ,as well as how our behavior affects others. The consequences of selfish decisions are often exclusive! Thus, leaving others at odds, with themselves, as well  as others ;instead of at ease  fluidly. But, self love is magical ,and attracts others, to reciprocate love kindly , to  become collective empowered together...

Self love allows us to forgive! We would only achieve self love, after admitting to our own  mistakes, taking responsibility for who we are rather than pointing at others wrongs.

 We could only substantiate the love  of ourselves, after forgiving ourselves ,in regard to the faults we have made. Otherwise, we would be unable: to realize what the mistakes were ? In order to avoid their automated patterns ,getting senselessly  habituated and repetitive; weakening our own sense of the self recognition!

The discoveries of the inner spaces, with the inner  shadows : The confrontation of self love, with self pity, and the self victimization, is another very important requirement, for making change from the within: that is  for the benefit of enhancing ones quality of life; we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves secretly from the eye of our egotism!

  Another stage of the awareness of the inner processes is inlayed between the subconscious, and consciousness: climbing up the ladder of awareness, and sliding down into the darker intricacies, within our mental mechanisms is a great relief! Then flowing with the stream of consciousness towards awareness,. That is another chance, for making the opportunities for self respect.  And, therefore, enlightenment could be experienced. It takes place after verbalization would be admitted. Thus, dismissing the shadows; which slide through the lace of our own mental dictatorship?

Self love is far from self pity. It is not sympathetic. But not pathetic nor, Self centered.

That is one of the reasons that calculative rationales do not count in regard to self love. Power plays do not enhance our inner qualities;  because self love leads to empowerment rather than authorities powerful manifestations. The bad tempered persons do not show self love. They rather emanate self hate destructively. The natural flow of fluidity is different to the calculating authoritarianism, mixing up  the empowering willful self discipline. That is with imposing authority upon others, in the name of creating order out of chaos. The calculative behavior or character disregards others individual framework of independence.

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani an 82 year old political architect died

Rafsanjani and Khomeini

Rafsanjani, Khomeini and his Prime Minister Bazargan - circa 1979

Lately, I have been focusing on the mistakes of the political players revised after leaving great impacts, upon the world’s sense of Humanity. Thereby,  the quality of life upon the globe. Thereafter, interested with the prospects reflected;  by the exit of the American President Obama, and the entrance of controversial President Trump is in perspective. Then, we got the news of the passage of Ali “Ali-Akbar Hashemi- Rafsanjani “, one of the architects of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. Finally,  enhancing the 2015 nuclear deal.

 He was born at a pistachio plantation field of” Rafsanjani” city at the heart of Iran’s wide deserts. His political wit raised him to play at the1984 Iran Contra affair when the American fall guy Oliver North fell in the trap of Reagan’s presidential mistakes.

The mistakes of those who reach the heads of states, are more affective across the globe. His political role was detrimental; with, or without the Shiite title of (Ayatollah). Hashimi’s role and vision unfolded to become evident for 40 years,. The mistakes of the power plays of the governing elite, across various world regions, by the leaders, become more perceptible.

 He was an architect of revolutionary ideologies actualized at the expense of democracy in Iran. The winning motto of Liberty& Independence were crossed out for their Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran’s modernizing progress turned out: as the unfolding of a regressive, bloody  socio-political world event; by the role of the belated” Hashemi Rafsanjani” political wit, raised him to play at the Iran Contra affair when the American fall guy Oliver North fell in the trap of Reagan’s presidential mistakes. Thus many are unhappy that he has not been taken to a world tribunal before his passage.


Rafsanjani and his president Rouhani - circa 2017

 Some are concerned with the consequences of his loss posing as an opposition to Iran’s fundamentalist leader “Ali Khamenie” who was introduced as the leader of Iran, after Ayatollah Khomeini by Hashemi Rafsanjani a mistake that has cost Iranians an increasing loss of civil and democratic liberties. The July 2014 document revelations by Snowden proved Saudi Arabic payments against Islamic Shiite rule to &via the USA, since Saddam’s 1980 war against Iran! Those mistakes? At whose expense?

 Since 1970-2017 Hashemi Rafsanjani he had been playing politics with the western heads of states as well as the Russian. the Chinese, the Korean, the Japanese, the Saudi Arabian , the UAE, and the rest of the  middle eastern governing elites. This is regardless of his colorful fading power in Iran. Two of his children Mehdi & Faezeh accused of embezzlements and westernized tendency remain imprisoned at the Evin political prison of Tehran.” Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani who returned to Iran from Belgium by his father’s mistaken order in 2014. He was arrested and imprisoned ever since. He has been allowed to join his brother Mohsen and his sister Fatimah for his father’s funeral arrangements in Qum the Shiite religious base of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

bravo to the protesters

E-2013 chemical victims

Sunday, August 25, 2013

                                                            Bravo to the protesters

 Bravo to the protesters against war all across the world!  The Ugliness of chemical weapons is multiplied by its producers.  Since World War I, the very concept was recognized as dehumanizing. It is time to de-materialize all chemical weapons tricksteries. The ideas are Anti humanistic! Anti Human Civilization! Anti intelligence of the heart! It is dirty politics to perpetrate such productions through the world mass media.

Shame on the propagators of the producers, who gave them to Saddam Hussein; and had to put on the show of being "caught up" in a hole: to be executed!  Even without an apology ,to the victims of the deployment of chemical weapons, in his name, which was in obedience of his supporters.

These weeks, after about 4 months of polluting the world public audiences, by the anticipations and warnings: about the probable abuse of the deployment of chemical weapons. Syria had such a tragedy in it happening again. The controversies did not allow the warnings, to become negotiations, and 350 people died at once. Over 3000 people were taken to hospitals. Should we care?

Here in Iran, we are still stuck up with the tragic consequences, of the chemical weapons victims. They were used by Saddam Hussein in” Halabcheh “of Iran against the Kurdish inhabitants of the area near Iraq in 1983-88 .That was when the 8 year long war of the allied countries, against Iran transformed its means and aims.  But we are still dealing with the consequences of such an atrocities.

The mirroring of such ugly contentions at such grand scales, is humiliating, upon the collective conscience of the world, that is not insignificant.

The mental cruelty: that is incorporated in this ordeal becomes transparent, and the world decision makers would not be able to curtail the generational regression. Which would follow: although at the end of the First World War they had been detrimental conclusions that were drawn. Historically in appearing as circles, the dirty politics has made a great loss, to the face of a sense of a human family, living upon the globe. Rather than over simplification, by punishments, as a deterrent to those who finally did deploy the chemical weapons which were at their disposal.  We have to confront with the present issues as multi- layered complexities, in more humanistic sophisticated ways or manners, than just leaving them to sheer reactions, of a few political players who represent this living generation.

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Abina-For correction-word

Today23 years has passed since I wrote this piece. I have been inspired from my friendship for Abina Auwsa Ansa the name she choose for Sandra before her marriage to a Nigerian. Unfortunately I have not succeeded to find her after years on the internet.