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Abina-For correction-word

Today23 years has passed since I wrote this piece. I have been inspired from my friendship for Abina Auwsa Ansa the name she choose for Sandra before her marriage to a Nigerian. Unfortunately I have not succeeded to find her after years on the internet.

 My utmost desire is to find her. She should be 65 by now. I still use her spirit  about how to teach communicating  to inspire to give hope and to live for our right to happiness. She has one of the greatest spirits I have come across in life. She has been one of the few unforgettable human beings who has shown me the intelligence of the heart . Nowadays I study the subject of the intelligence of the heart or emotional intelligence by the format of “Cluster Knowledge” analogy of the Knowledge Production mode 2 that Professor Modjtaba Sadria has interpreted as Knowledge Construction  for his research methods conceptualization which I am a student in this field for  teaching  journalism to the novice who come and request from me. This text is reviewed for my website because my life in Iran has been excessively confusing to me. Over sensitivities  detected by  my great Investigative journalism   led into spirals of vulnerabilities Danny Schecter  my  professor  mentor and friend Danny Schecter of the Global vision  news dissector remains as a pillar to my writing life. Francois  is the same from my Human Rights activities in Geneva Switzerland. Professor Ehsan YarShater of  Columbia for studies  about Iran. My brother Farrokh  whom I trace along with Aesthetics in Architecture , Urbanism and Modernity from Tehran.


I have been inspired by Abina for her strength. She is a lioness, so I am sketching our friendship and our dialogue in a deconstructionist/

 Deconstructionist style.

-"I told myself one day, that perhaps feeling so much is too much!"

"My spirit is all that I have. I know that if I lose my spirit, it would be the end of me"

"Truth is very important. We cannot live with our own lies. They destroy us"

Abina my very dear friend and lover of the spirit of truths

Has got many poetic one liners that reach the soul, to reverberate again, and again. Most often with her laughter or anger, and always with intensity.

Abina is well postured five feet five tall. She carries fifteen years of professional dance in her presence. She is always well dressed, never less than outstanding. She likes to prove, and she certainly passes the standards to enter the professional games of Washington.

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