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From a book review Autobiography

Sublime egos

Jean Jacques Rousseau’s

Instead of following previous spiritual models, was ushering in through this prodigiously Sustained, even obsession self-writing.

A new model of secular autobiography for the Romantic era.

According to Huntington Williams, Rousseau both exemplifies

Modern romantic autobiography

And occupies a pivotal position in its historical development

–       Rousseau ‘s refusal of other sources for himself and radical internalization of personal identity makes him , for Williams(1983:3) , both novel and influential as the great

–       W.JT. Mitchell sees Rousseau as the great originator and the first modern man, as a writer

–       The attribution of originality to Rousseau by these critics echoes of course, the view promulgated by Rousseau himself; he heralds the “Confessions” with the confident assertion of his own singularity:

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