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bravo to the protesters

E-2013 chemical victims

Sunday, August 25, 2013

                                                            Bravo to the protesters

 Bravo to the protesters against war all across the world!  The Ugliness of chemical weapons is multiplied by its producers.  Since World War I, the very concept was recognized as dehumanizing. It is time to de-materialize all chemical weapons tricksteries. The ideas are Anti humanistic! Anti Human Civilization! Anti intelligence of the heart! It is dirty politics to perpetrate such productions through the world mass media.

Shame on the propagators of the producers, who gave them to Saddam Hussein; and had to put on the show of being "caught up" in a hole: to be executed!  Even without an apology ,to the victims of the deployment of chemical weapons, in his name, which was in obedience of his supporters.

These weeks, after about 4 months of polluting the world public audiences, by the anticipations and warnings: about the probable abuse of the deployment of chemical weapons. Syria had such a tragedy in it happening again. The controversies did not allow the warnings, to become negotiations, and 350 people died at once. Over 3000 people were taken to hospitals. Should we care?

Here in Iran, we are still stuck up with the tragic consequences, of the chemical weapons victims. They were used by Saddam Hussein in” Halabcheh “of Iran against the Kurdish inhabitants of the area near Iraq in 1983-88 .That was when the 8 year long war of the allied countries, against Iran transformed its means and aims.  But we are still dealing with the consequences of such an atrocities.

The mirroring of such ugly contentions at such grand scales, is humiliating, upon the collective conscience of the world, that is not insignificant.

The mental cruelty: that is incorporated in this ordeal becomes transparent, and the world decision makers would not be able to curtail the generational regression. Which would follow: although at the end of the First World War they had been detrimental conclusions that were drawn. Historically in appearing as circles, the dirty politics has made a great loss, to the face of a sense of a human family, living upon the globe. Rather than over simplification, by punishments, as a deterrent to those who finally did deploy the chemical weapons which were at their disposal.  We have to confront with the present issues as multi- layered complexities, in more humanistic sophisticated ways or manners, than just leaving them to sheer reactions, of a few political players who represent this living generation.