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Firoozeh Derakhshani is born 19/12/1954 Tehran she has been trained as a Knowledge Production mode2 constructionist. An art feature writer at the Paris America Academy with the Paris Herald's Tribune since 1974&Art history at the Paris American Academy to become an Artists feature writer. Thereafter, pursued documentary making. After studying social psychology at Stanford& New York New School ,she worked with the ABC in New York she worked at Washington D.C. as a research assistant with the Wilson center for international scholars1988 and then at Smithsonian museums while studying Information management for developing countries. An assistant researcher at Aerospace museum archive in image archival work1993&4.She has worked with the Geneva human rights NGO since 1983: on the rights of children to innocence, women, torture, immigration and the chemical war victim’s . Her documentation officer experience led to the educational documentaries features1-: A Global drama: postmodern criticism 2- Identity crises: The subject is a dialogue between the immigrant generations with the resident generation discovering the living Zoroastrian youth in theater in Iran. Her web site would host 4- English manuscripts and 5 Farsi manuscripts are to cross through the deterrents of living in Iran where Cognitive science studies has engaged her in the fields: Public notions &behavioral patterns by Collective Memory, perception, reverse psychology, consolidated in her text as mirroring.



Work experience: An Interpreter Consultant, active in, investigative research, Images for visualizations by ideographs / information management for Photos &captions relating to Contemporary Museums& Art galleries/organizer with Simultaneous& text Translation in Architecture& Urban studies of Tehran.

Cognitive science discourse participant in subjects: Dialogues among cultures by seminars, conducting Interviews& Narratives in fields of : Aesthetics, Comparative Modernization. Mirroring in cognitive behavior &Media. In Persian- Architecture translation Documentation: Documentary making for intercultural Dialogues, Project Proposals, 30 short stories, critical social Psychology of Iranians behavioral patterns.


In a nutshell

Firoozeh Derakhshani is 57 at Tehran. By studies of research patterns she has become an educator of cluster knowledge production mode 2 &counselor. Originally schooled in Britain Psychology& Sociology . Thereafter pursued international journalistic interpretation, Human Rights research at international agencies scale Geneva , which led her to documentary making. After 1970-94 sporadically studying social psychology. She worked as research assistant with Danny Schechter at the ABC in N. Y. 1988-90at Washington D.C. as a research assistant with the “Wilson center for international Scholars Smithsonian& G.W. Gel man library

After1994-5 Tehran she became a marginalized scholar residing in Iran/ Europe.