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save dreamers dreams

save dreamers dreams    

Avoiding the voids

To save dreamers dreams, is such a high peak for me, to reach!

The realization doesn't let compassion, to let me go astray.

Becoming a humanizing savior, instead of falling into the voids urged me,

Anguish pressed, yet hope kept me alight…

Perhaps anguish would finally spend me out!
Before reaching an "other"once again

Always craving for faith… through love

Or tempted by love energy, to empower me, for taking the next step.
Just one more step to a little warmth

Even though much love has left me cold 

 Without any more wood to keep us lit

The ancient nights were colder,

Yet lovers of life energy did keep 

The joys a-light for us

To realize their dreams!

I bow to them all…